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Liquid Forest: The Source, 2019, Photo Credit: Richard Wilks
Liquid Forest: The Source, 2019, Photo Credit: Richard Wilks

Liquid Forest, a collaboration with local artist Richard Wilks, brings to life a trio of whimsical, jellyfish-inspired installations. Standing 12-15 feet tall with a 10-foot diameter, these freestanding interactive sculptures offer a hands-on spinning experience, inviting playful interaction from visitors. When night falls, their 9,000 LEDs per creature illuminate, pulsing and morphing to mimic a captivating 'bio-luminescent' playground.

These sculptures cleverly utilize motion sensors to detect their rotation, triggering a strobing zoetrope effect only when appropriate, adding an extra layer of interactivity and magic to the experience.

Each 'jellyfish' houses a LitPi node, facilitating control via a dedicated web app. These nodes autonomously establish and join a WiFi network, effortlessly finding and communicating with each other to create a synchronized light show, truly showcasing the melding of art and technology

There aren't many pictures of software, but this was 1/5th of my tmux windows during development
There aren't many pictures of software, but this was 1/5th of my tmux windows during development
Interactive Activation: Aperol Spritz Orange


Showcased at Coachella 2023, the Aperol Spritz Interactive Photo Booth was more than just a brand activation. Attendee collaboration sparked progressively dazzling LED animations, making each snapshot unique and electrifying. Behind the scenes, custom Power over Ethernet ESP32-based weight sensors integrated seamlessly into the booth, propelled by a suite of python microservices. This successful deployment also marked the first iteration of the LitPi control software system.

LED Controller: LitBit


The addressable LED controller is built on the ESP32 platform and offers flexible control options. It is capable of accepting sACN (Streaming ACN) protocol or can function as a standalone LED player, playing back content stored on an SD card. Content can be processed via a desktop utility or a Touchdesigner plugin, providing convenient and intuitive interfaces for programming and controlling the LEDs.

LitBit supports OSC and Serial control, allowing for seamless integration with other devices or software. Whether connecting over WiFi or Ethernet, the LED controller ensures reliable and efficient communication, making it a versatile solution for various lighting projects.

The EVA Airlines office lobby near LAX houses an interactive installation that breathes life into global connectivity. This installation presents a world map, punctuated with LEDs at every EVA Airlines destination. But this map is not static; it captures the kinetic energy of travel, pulsating in real-time with the departure and arrival of flights, articulated through an intuitive blinking pattern.

Moreover, each LED subtly reflects the local time at its corresponding destination, creating a captivating day-night pattern that gives an immediate sense of time across the globe.

Enhancing the interactivity of the installation, an included tablet gives lobby workers control over the animations. It offers a range of special-occasion and holiday color schemes for the LEDs, allowing the map to celebrate global events in a vibrant display of unity.

In essence, this installation is more than a map; it's a real-time, luminous depiction of EVA Airlines' global reach, and a testament to the seamless fusion of design, technology, and real-world data

Interactive Lobby Installation: EVA Airlines


Wearable Game Controller: Onsole


An ankle-worn controller, powered by the ESP32, has been developed utilizing edge AI for IMU-based gesture recognition. This innovative device aims to revolutionize the way mobile games are played by incorporating physical exercise into the gameplay. Primarily targeting kids, the startup behind this project strives to encourage physical activity among children by making gaming an interactive and physically engaging experience. By wearing this controller on their ankle, users can perform various gestures and movements that will be accurately detected and translated into actions within the game. This not only promotes a healthier lifestyle but also provides an enjoyable and immersive gaming experience for kids.

Armbian-based modular software system is a versatile solution for deploying and managing simple interactive systems. This system incorporates a flutter front end and a Python backend, along with multiple microservices for sensor data reception and content distribution to various lighting elements such as LED wall modules, sACN LED controllers, and DMX controllers. The software components are containerized, making it effortless to extend and add more functionalities to the system. With its user-friendly interface and flexible architecture, this software system provides a seamless experience for controlling and customizing interactive systems.

Embedded Control System: LitPi


VUSE Aurora was an integral part of a three-room brand activation experience, taking the form of an immersive, interactive infinity room. This space came alive with dozens of illuminated translucent tree trunks, a selection of which were touch-reactive, all under a mesmerizing mesh canopy.

An arrangement of speakers and moving lights added depth to the experience, harmonizing with the dynamic light animations within the trees. Designed with practicality in mind, the LED system was modular, facilitating easy replacement and expedient setup and teardown for the activation tour.

In an effort to maintain the immersive quality of the experience, custom Power Over Ethernet touch sensors were discreetly integrated, ensuring that technology blended seamlessly into the wonder of Aurora

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